Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Koolhaas - Seattle Central Library

Perhaps it isn't ugly, just imposing.


  1. So what? A lot of fine architecture from every era is imposing. What a sophisticated building that looks quite sleek and attractive. You bloody reactionist!

  2. It's ugly because of lack of symmetry. Why do architects design things like this on porpose? I think it's because they want to force people to look at their buildings, even if they are horrible. And also because they want to be different even it's possible to design something different AND beautiful - or, at least, not too ugly. I like some of new architecture but this building is just ridiculous. Desconstructivism is the worse architecture style. The second worst style is brutalism. In my opinion many new buildings don't make people feel comfortable. And architecture should help people to feel nice and happy and like the city. Architecture should make the city useful and beautiful. Or, at least not make the city ugly. Architecture should not make people feel bad and uncomrfotable about the city just because the architect wants to be "different". And look, I'm NOT a old architecture fundamentalist.

    1. I was looking at photos and I think the building inside is interesting and it's not ugly at all but outside my opinion remains the same: it's uglier that the devil.